Thursday, February 16, 2006


I'm afraid I've fallen so far behind with everything, that I'm doing my Thurday Thirteen meme here this week (instead of at my regular place). Hoping not to make a habit of it ;o)

Thirteen men from Jona’s teenage years

18/365 John

Way too smooth and charming with your accent and scars. Tube trains at Pimlico, and dinner at the Italian, I fell for the fun and won’t deny I enjoyed. Too much. You were one reason I gave up drinking.

19/365 Mark

The friendly fireman, big and awkward but always smiling. You trod so softly I didn’t realise your intentions until you asked. It was surprise that turned me red and made me run. With time to think, I was sorry.

20/365 Jon

A false start, then a bet that made me rage. Still, you became my first love and a more gentle soul I couldn’t have wished for. Romance and flowers, a teenage dream with a man too good for me.

21/365 Kevin

One date was enough and why I was there, I can’t recall. Thought yourself clever and quite the catch, I thought boring and arrogant, though the money no doubt attracted some. You ran over that rabbit on purpose, pig!

22/365 Yan

My dog’s vet, didn’t recognise you in the nightclub. Quite the cook, and quite the octopus when you weren’t telling outrageous tales of bad behaviour. My excuses were weak and you countered every one, until I spoke plain.

23/365 Martin

Oh dear, I feel guilty. Nervous stuttering, no rhythm mixed with even less confidence. But the night was fun and I was drunk. It was just a kiss, or three; to me. A lesson learnt, which I haven’t forgotten.

24/365 Zac

Yuck, yuck, YUCK! Don’t you know girls talk?! Did you seriously think I wanted to be number thirteen? Others might excuse the arrogance with the looks, but I didn’t think the looks were that impressive either! Good riddance.

25/365 Rob

The slob. I shudder when I think you of touching me. Fear, not love, kept me captive. Love doesn’t leave bruises. Twisted, vicious bully. I thought there was supposed to be good in everyone, you proved the saying wrong.

26/365 Gerard

I was seventeen, you were twenty-eight and I thought so sophisticated. Walks through the graveyard, and songs sung to guitar. Lack of honesty left me heartbroken, not just the name, but you had a girlfriend, why did you need another?

27/365 Lee

So untroubled by the hand life dealt. Too shy to kiss, but our hands sweated with the hours of holding. Tug of war tournaments, days on the beach listening to Status Quo, and 50cc motorbike dreams leave me smiling.

28/365 Paul

The Yacht Club chameleon, you made a fool of me and deserved my temper. By the way, don’t kiss after eating cheese and onion crisps - not nice for the ladies, but then, maybe your men don’t mind?!

29/365 Mike

The American accent and Spanish words won my heart at the Ball. We waltzed through the night and into the morning, as we broke your ex’s heart. Shortly followed by yours a week later, when I changed my mind. Sorry.

30/265 Felix

I laugh when I remember you!. The world traveller with trousers too tight and safety pins everywhere. A demi punk without the attitude. You never really stood a chance, but I couldn’t refuse you until I’d stopped laughing!

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

17/365 Aunty Sheila

First husband nipped out for cigarettes, but never returned. Thirty years of raising your daughter alone didn’t stop you hoping to find love, and shocking the family by returning from holiday with husband two, made both of us smile.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

16/365 George

Nosey neighbour! We met when I found you in my house. You’d brought beans, but shuffled off realising my horror. Learning to love your tales and gossip of the street, I discovered it wasn’t nosiness, but eager caring.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

15/365 Great Aunt Win

We hated visiting you, where nothing could be touched and hushed tones controlled. Best behaviour and forced kisses lest we let mother down. You said we’d be sorry for our refused attendance, when you were dead. I’m not.

Monday, February 06, 2006

14/365 Aaron

You grew tomatoes, you smelt of them. The boys on the bus feigned respect, laughing after you got off. The rumours came quietly. I pieced it together, but never asked. Now I tend my tomatoes, thinking of you, attempting refuge.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

13/365 L

We started at the same place, from the same mould. The difference was them. Evasively I warned, then more bold I told. But you demanded your own mistakes. And now the bed is made. Maybe one day he’ll change.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

12/365 Susan

Giggles, dreams and videos in your room. Men, tears and drinking on the beach. We grew up and I envied you. You left. Married a Greek. Lived a dream. Till love was tragically razed. Now I feel guilty for mine.

11/365 Emma (better known as Phil, also known as Grandma)

Your moral superiority amused me. Your admiration of only men annoyed me. When you discovered your hairdresser was gay, you were horrified, but didn’t stop going. Things change, you changed, I proved you wrong and finally you loved me.